Vacation Workouts

I have been on Thanksgiving vacation for almost a week now! We flew down to Tampa and are staying at our condo in Indian Rocks Beach, FL with my parents. Emma, Brandon and I have had a wonderful time in the sun and at the pool. (I even got a pretty nasty sunburn, but I doubt I will get any sympathy). I absolutely love getting away from Ohio and our crazy, hectic work schedules, but that doesn’t mean we skip our workouts.

The best part about vacation workouts is that I can hit the pool right after I am finished with my run!

Here is a breakdown of my vacation workouts!

Wednesday: arrived at the condo at 3.30 — went out for a run at 4.30. My legs felt like lead, but I made it through. And the 70 degree temps definitely helped

Thursday: Thanksgiving day! 4 mile run in the morning so we could have a guilt free Thanksgiving meal.

Friday: Rest day — I needed it!

Saturday: Run with the hubs … which inevitably turns in to a foot race. We did an ab workout and arm workout too.

Sunday: 43 minute run — not sure how far, but it felt GREAT! The temps were perfect.

Monday: Likely a rest day because I have to work from the condo in the morning and we fly out at night.

What did you do for your vacation workouts this Thanksgiving?


4 thoughts on “Vacation Workouts

  1. Samantha says:

    I didn’t work out over the weekend. Hubby had all four days off, which never happens, and so we hung with a lot of family! Tomorrow though, it is on and crackin the whip!
    ❤ glad you had a great vacation and great job staying focused!!

  2. Lina says:

    Aww Florida!! Not fair!! My in laws live about an hour north from Tampa, LOVE the Tampa area, even though I’m not familiar with Indian Rocks Beach.
    We went to Nashville to see friends, that was not too bad either. A lot warmer there then here in Maryland. I got a lot of great work outs in while there!! Super happy about that!

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