Making Yourself a Priority

Read Jennifer’s fit mom featured guest blog, and connect with her on social media to hear more updates. From Jennifer: “I would love for you to follow my journey and share yours with me. You can find me at FatChickToFitChick. Also be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram (fatchick2fitchick). I promise lots of food pics, cute baby pics, and randomness from my brand of sense of humor.”

I am a 31 one year old, who has battled my weight since I was 9 years old. I have yo-yo’d on pretty much every diet known to man, and wasted countless dollars on abandoned gym memberships and diet programs. I came up with an endless list of excuses for why I did not have time to commit to a healthy lifestyle, and most of them involved lack of available time. Mind you, this was before I was ever a mom.

Jennifer, fit mom and featured guest blogger.

Jennifer, fit mom and featured guest blogger.

I did not have the time to be fit, because I did not make the time to do so. The reason why I did not make the time is simple. It was not that important to me. I had myself convinced that I wanted to lose weight more than anything. Had that been true, I would have succeeded. I was just fooling myself.After the birth of my daughter, I found myself at my lowest point with my body image and self-esteem. I was at my highest weight and despite being happy with everything else in my life, I hated myself. I would look at my daughter and instantly want to be a better person for her. I want to show her a confident, happy, active, healthy mom. I want her to be proud, and not embarrassed of me (until age appropriate for her to be), and I want to be an active participant in her life, not merely an observer.

To accomplish these goals, I have to make my health and fitness a priority in my life. Being a wife, a mom, and working full-time outside the home, can easily cause me to neglect my well-being, but I want to lose weight and be fit. For the first time in my life I want this for real, and I am unwilling to take no for an answer.

Here is what I do to ensure success in my fit journey:

  1. I plan and shop for my lunches and dinners for the week during the weekend.
  2. I have all the right foods on hand, and I refuse to purchase unhealthy temptations.
  3. I cook what I can in advance on Sundays to make sure I stay on track during the busy work week.
  4. I have dedicated the time after my daughter goes to bed as my workout, blogging, research, rest, or relaxation time. I am not a morning person, so it is easier for me to work out at night when she is asleep.
  5. I put on my workout clothes before I can talk myself out of my workout.
  6. I work out with Real Housewives…or any other reality TV show. It offers a counter balance when I dread a workout.

No matter how crazy your schedule is, if you want to be fit, you will make it happen. I hope that each of you make caring for yourself a priority. You are worth it, and your kids deserve a happy, healthy, and fit mom to chase them around for years to come!

9 thoughts on “Making Yourself a Priority

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for your post, Jennifer! You’re right, we’ll always prioritize what’s important to us, no matter how busy our schedule is.

  2. Sarah says:

    Great post, Jennifer! I don’t have kids yet, but it really IS easy to make excuses not to have a healthy lifestyle. That’s something I’m working on right now. Also, I LOVE your steps for success…especially #6 where you counter balance your workout with something you enjoy…it helps on those days you just don’t feel like working out : )

    • fatchicktofitchick says:

      Thanks for reading Sarah! #6 is my absolute favorite. Real Housewives and Big Rich Texas are my work out buddies. I love a little rich lady crazy to go along with my workouts! I find I can allow myself to spend more time coming up with excuses than what it would take to actually exercise. Which is why I put those workout clothes on like a band aid. Just do it and make it count.

  3. Kara says:

    It took me a year to finally get serious. I love your bullet point number 2! I do the same thing to keep myself honest. Keep up your great work! πŸ™‚

  4. Amanda Little says:

    Following, Jennifer and THANK YOU for talking about this, as a mom (and a busy one) I can forget to make myself a priority, it’s weird how sometimes you can not even realize you’re forgetting the simplest steps ( refuse to purchase unhealthy temptations. ) haha thanks for posting! πŸ™‚

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