A fit mom IS a happy mom

a fit mom is a happy mom

A fit mom is a happy mom!

Today started out like many days. Emma woke up before me and fussed her way through my struggle to get out of bed and ready for work. She had a runny nose, and wasn’t too interested in breakfast. I had to run into work for a meeting, and a college girl at the University I work for watched Emma for an hour. She was happy as can be with her sitter, but as soon as she saw me again — grumpy. Emma grumped around the house for a while before my husband got home from work. By noon, I was very ready to go for a quick lunchtime run. Thankfully my husband watched miss grumperpuss while I burned off some steam and got myself pumped up for the second half of the day.

I came back from my run refreshed, and happy to be with Emma — even if her nose is runny and she is whiney. I share that short little story from my day to remind us that a fit mom IS a happy mom! Often, I need a few minutes alone to exercise and clear my mind to rev up for the second half of the day. A huge part of the reason I workout is to maintain a stable emotional state. Working out keeps me happy … and when momma’s happy — everyone is happy.

6 thoughts on “A fit mom IS a happy mom

  1. Kristie says:

    Amanda, I’d love to hear a post for those of us who don’t always feel rejuvenated, energized, or just plain “better” after a workout. Often, workouts leave me with a headache, not to mention feeling sweaty and stinky! They definitely don’t always feel like refreshing “me-time.” Any advice, from you or another fit mom, for combating this and pushing through the aches and pains and minor annoyances of a workout? And, on that note, any tips for feeling fresh after a workout? Am I bound to be a night shower-er or is there a way to feel (and smell!) clean after an afternoon workout without taking a full shower?

    • Amanda Tress says:

      Hey girl! Thanks for the great idea for a new post! Wow, that’s interesting that you have a headache after workouts. Honestly, I take at least 2 showers a day because of my workout routine. I take my full shower in the morning and then at least one or two quick showers at night just to rinse off. They are usually like 2 minutes long and I don’t wash my hair. Just enough to feel fresh and clean. What kinds of foods are you eating before a workout? And what are you doing for the workout? I hope we can help you figure out how to feel energized after a workout versus sluggish!

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