Getting My Head Back in the Game

This is a great fit mom featured guest blog by Ashlee. She is a new mom who writes about her weight loss journey. Visit Ashlee’s blog,  A Step in the Right Direction, to read more about her and subscribe for updates.

Ashlee before and after. Read more about this fit mom featured blogger.

Hello, my name is Ashlee and I have a blog called A Step in the Right Direction. The blog is about my life as a wife, a new mom, and a girl trying to get healthy. Last July I started a weight loss journey that turned out to be a success. By the end of November I had lost 35 pounds, I had also found out that I was pregnant. I had Mason, my first child, on July 27th and it has been quite the adventure since then.Having a newborn is a whole new world for me, I was used to coming and going as I pleased now I have to consider eating schedules, diaper changes, extra bags to bring, etc. During my pregnancy I gained 40 pounds. I have lost 25 pounds already, but I have seemed to hit a plateau. I am ready to get back into my workout routine and my non-pregnant eating habits. I go back to work soon and I am trying to figure out how to fit it all in.

There was definitely a healing process after giving birth and I am finally starting to feel like myself again. I have been trying for roughly a week to get a walk in during the day. There are days that I can get on the treadmill while Mason sleeps and other days I have to get the stroller out and take him out for a little ride. To motivate myself even more I signed up for a 5k in October. For me, it helps to have a goal or something to work toward.

Improving my eating habits has been a little tougher for me. I am nervous to take Mason to the grocery store with me because I am afraid he may get fussy before I am done shopping. I am sure I will feel more confident in time. This makes it hard to have fresh fruit and vegetables in the fridge. I am learning that I have to be diligent about keeping healthy foods in the house and the junk food out of the house. I have noticed that if the fruits and veggies are already cut up I will be more likely to eat them. I try to keep cut up celery along with various fruits in the fridge. I must say that having Mason around does prevent me from over eating at meals; it seems he likes to wake up or fuss just as I am sitting down to eat something.

I honestly believe that my head is back in the game, it is just a different game now. It will be difficult for a while, but I am sure I will get used to being a parent. I will get used to fitting my workouts and preparing meals into my busy schedule. Follow my journey on my blog  and on Twitter @AshZ909.

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