True Stories from a Running Mom

Read this fit mom featured blog by Erica from Life as a Running Mom! Erica’s passion for fitness is very evident, and I am thrilled to feature her on the site. For more updates and tips from Erica about being a running mom, follow her on Twitter, Daily Mile, or like her page on Facebook


Erica, fit mom and featured blogger.

Aloha, my name is Erica and I blog over at Life as a Running Mom. I was a runner before I became pregnant, but almost instantly I put up my running shoes and started focusing on my baby-to-be. It took me awhile to pull those dusty shoes back off the shelf, but it was the best decision I ever made as I truly feel I am setting a great example for darling daughter and we are building some awesome memories. Here are a few.

Our first run together was unplanned. She was about 6 months old and I just began using the jogging stroller. I would walk her past the animals that lived across the street almost daily. One day was very different. I walked a little further and must have done something wrong as the bees became quite unhappy with me. I could hear them buzzing and saw them stirring and my gut reaction was to protect my child and run. I did. I got stung on the hand. Darling daughter was fine and once I realized that I looked at her and said, “we just did our first run together!”

I have a great support system with dear hubby and friends who are willing to watch darling daughter while I race. After a small local 10K I was sitting with my family enjoying the post-run party and award presentation. Darling daughter asked me if I was going to get a medal. She seemed disappointed when I told her no but this was still a great day for me as it allowed me to teach her a valuable lesson. I told her that getting the medal is great but not the most important thing. We can’t always win but what is important is we always do our best. I ran my best, set a new PR, and taught darling daughter winning isn’t everything. It was a good day.

At another local 5K dear hubby and I were both racing with darling daughter in the jogging stroller. He opted to push her and I took off on the first loop. On the second he caught back up with me as he finally managed to maneuver out of congestion. I was running beside darling daughter who kindly told me to run faster as the runners in front of me were getting away. Oh yes they were!

But my best story happened just yesterday. I picked darling daughter up from preschool and the constant conversation on the way home started. However, this day she surprised me, she wanted to talk about running. I embraced the opportunity and was awed more when she asked if the next time I go running on Thompson Road could she run with me from the very beginning. How could I say no?

4 thoughts on “True Stories from a Running Mom

  1. Samantha says:

    Thanks Amanda for featuring her!!
    Erica, your running is so inspiring! My little one is only three months and we take plenty of walks but can’t wait to learn how to run with her!! ❤

  2. jenna says:

    LOVE the runner features that are becoming more and more popular! erica, you are seriously such an inspiring running mom!!! i just love how u make your daughter a huge part of it!!! spa love!

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