Exercise Video — Backyard Boot Camp: Ab Shred

What do all women want, but very few get? Nice abs!! But why? Is it possible to get nice abs after pregnancy? Yes. It takes hard work and commitment, but nice abs after pregnancy is possible for you. Remember, abs are made in the gym and in the kitchen. So eat clean, workout, and add these ab moves into your exercise routine.

Get your abs back after pregnancy by trying the following moves:

  • Warm up your abs by doing regular crunches. Keep your belly button in toward your spine.
  • Scissor crunches: Put your hands under your butt. Raise your shoulders off the ground, and raise your legs above the ground 6 inches — cross them in front of you.
  • Lay back with your arms extended above your head and your toes pointed and legs straight. Use your ab muscles to pull yourself up and touch your toes. Lower slowly down. Then raise your legs perpendicular with the ground and touch your toes.
  • Bicycles: twist your torso and touch your elbows to your knees. Move your legs in a bicycle motion.
  • Flutter kicks: sit up and balance on your butt. Flutter your legs straight out in front of you to stimulate your lower abs.
  • Sit up and keep your heels slightly off the ground. Twist your torso and touch your elbows on the ground to stimulate your transverse obliques.

You can get your pre-baby abs back after pregnancy! Best wishes.

Pin this Backyard Boot Camp to your Pinterest fitness board and do it consistently to develop nice abs!

5 thoughts on “Exercise Video — Backyard Boot Camp: Ab Shred

    • Amanda Tress says:

      Oh yes, I LOVE planks! I do them all the time with my clients and they are in all of my other ab exercise videos — including the ones specifically for pregnant women 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!!

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