Logging Food and Losing Weight!

Kara is a fit mom and a friend of mine. She successfully lost the last few pounds of “baby weight” after logging her food intake. Read her story below.

Kara Gibbs, fit pregnancy and parenting

Kara Gibbs, fit mom.

“I eat healthy. I exercise 6x a week for an hour of cardio and also strength train. WHY AM I MAINTAINING AND NOT LOSING?”

I said this for over a year. My diet consisted of fruit, vegetables, lean chicken and fish. I don’t eat sugar unless it is in my fruit. I stay away from the evil “white stuff” — potatoe, rice, white and whole wheat bread. I try to keep a low glycemic food intake. I drink only water or unsweetened almond milk. What gives?

Well, it was simple math. Eat too many calories and don’t burn enough while exercising then you won’t see changes.

A few people had recommended counting calories, but I was certain THAT was not my problem. I thought eating healthy was enough. Well, we all know that eating too much, of even good things, isn’t “good.”

I had not weighed myself in over a year. In March, I had a doctor’s appointment. They posted my weight to the print out that I took home. UGH! That was all I needed. At first, I HATED logging in my food, but after a while I could eye ball things and know. 3 months later and I am My pre-pregnancy weight! I lost the flab around my middle (not all though because of my c-section), have had SEVERAL comments on my toned arms, and just don’t feel as flabby. I didn’t even change my exercise habits! I stopped counting calories over 1.5 months ago and have maintained the weight, too. 🙂

The nice thing about calorie counting sites is the ability to input your current weight and how long you want to lose your desired weight and it will calculate your calorie intake for each day. VIOLA!!

Happy Eating!!! 🙂 Oh, and in time for swimsuit season, too!!

If you are interested in logging your food, try caloriecount.com

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