What Your Personal Trainer Does to Stay Fit

It would be awesome if a 20 minute per day Jillian Michael’s DVD could get us all slim and fit … but let’s be real, none of us are going to get into bikini shape if we only work out 20 minutes per day. In fact, I guarantee you that Jillian Michaels isn’t simply popping in her 20 minute DVD to stay in shape either. Getting into good shape, and maintaining a fit body takes time, committment, and a lot of hard work. So, what does your personal trainer actually do to stay in shape? Here is an exmaple of my typical week of workouts.

Day 1: Long run. In training season, this can be anywhere from 8-12 miles. This week I ran 11 miles.
Day 2: Rest and recovery. I did some swimming, took Emma on a walk, and did some ab exercises (read some of my previous blogs for ab exercise ideas).
Day 3: Speed run. 4 miles at 7.40 pace (which is fairly quick for me).
Day 4: Cross training on the elliptical (200 calories burned), stepper (200 calories burned), treadmill (200 calories burned), ab exercises.
Day 5: Sprint workout (10 sprints), plyometrics, jump training, metabolic training, free weight are exercises, and ab exercises.
Day 6: Slow few mile run, cross training on the elliptical (200 calories burned), stepper (200 calories burned), leg workout with lunges, squats, calf raises, etc.
Day 7: Free weights, cross training, sprints, ab exercises, and a little bit of jogging.

I often workout with my gym clients, and then do my own workout in the morning or evening (whenever I can squeeze it in). My workouts usually take 1-1.5 hours. And just think of it this way, an hour is only 4% of your day!

Emma is 8.5 months old now. And I can honestly say that I have not missed one single workout or used the excuse that I’m too busy as a 55+ hour a week worker and full-time mom. We make time for our priorities. And your health needs to be a top priority!

No excuses ladies!

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