Why I Threw the Scale Away

Prior to pregnancy, I did not own a scale. I would weigh myself 1x per week at the gym – maximum. The reason I would weigh myself was to ensure that I was maintaining a healthy BMI. After I got pregnant, I purchased a scale during the second trimester to make sure I was gaining the “correct” amount of weight. I have previously blogged about how the “1 lb per week” rule seems to be unrealistic. There were weeks that I gained 2 or 3 lbs, and then some weeks that I maintained my weight. But by the end of my pregnancy, I had gained 28 total lbs, which was within the 25-35lb recommendation.

So, why throw away the scale now (or at least put it in the attic until my next pregnancy)? Why not? I haven’t weighed myself since I delivered, and frankly, I don’t even care about the number. I know for sure that I am already in a healthy BMI range since I am already fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes. And even if I wasn’t already fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes, all I have to do is look at my daughter and realize that she is worth any post pregnancy bump that remains.

I often train clients who are tempted to weigh themselves every single day. I always request that they weigh themselves no more than 1x per week (same time of day and same day per week). Saturday morning is often my standard day to ask for a weight update (if weight loss is a goal).

However, it is so important not to get hung up on the numbers, but rather focus on developing a healthy lifestyle, better energy level, etc. Weight numbers are a very tangible and objective way to track progress, but it is important to rejoice in the loss of weight, but not get discouraged when there is a week or two where the numbers on the scale don’t reflect the work.

So, do you own a scale? If so, why? Does the numbers usually encourage or discourage you? Do you weigh yourself 1x per week, month, etc? Or are you in the habit of getting on the scale every morning.

Remember the goals of maintaining a consistent workout and healthy eating program. It’s not about a pants size, looking like a model, or a number on a scale. Keep your motivations and goals in check!


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