Exercise During the Last Month of Pregnancy

So, you’re down to the wire. Only a few weeks left until D-day. Is it possible to exercise during the last month of pregnancy? Is is safe?

Well, I just entered my last month of pregnancy, and I’m happy to report that I just got back from my 3 mile jog/walk. My plan (with my doctor’s approval) is to continue with my daily workouts…until the day I deliver!

To see some pregnancy exercise videos, view my video post with Erin Brooks, personal trainer and 9 month pregnant fit mom.

Now, exercising consistently has certainly come with it’s challenges recently. This past month was actually the hardest for me physically so far. I injured my back, and it took over 3.5 weeks for my pulled muscle to heal. However, I only missed 1 workout due to the pain from the injury. I had to be more creative with my workouts, and even got a membership at a second gym so I could swim laps and take some pressure off my back. I had to stay off the road for runs and walks, and resort to low impact cardio machines – like the elliptical, stepper, and bike. I also did less weight training, and more Pilates exercises and stretching.

I stuck with it and didn’t use pregnancy or an injury as an excuse to slack off. And boy did it pay off – I still have the same amount of energy as pre-pregnancy, and I am now feeling as good as ever – even at 36 weeks pregnant! I haven’t had any swelling, and my weight gain is right on track. I hit the 25 lb mark this week, and only have 4 weeks to go – putting me in the 25-35 healthy weight gain category. I feel fit, strong, and ready for D-day, or “Game Time” as my husband likes to call it 🙂

One of my biggest pet peeves when training clients is when they automatically throw in the towel at the first sign of an injury. A lot of people like to use that as an easy excuse to get out of a hard calorie burn. Don’t use it as an excuse! Take the opportunity to change your workout up, try some new machines, and get creative! If you are pregnant and experiencing some back pain, bladder issues :), pelvic discomfort, etc, etc – find some low impact cardio machines that work for you – or better yet, do some laps in a pool! Just don’t stop working out. Your body and your baby will thank you later for sticking with it to the end (with your doctors approval of course 🙂

Best of luck on your journey to become and remain healthy! You can do it!

* Update to this post: I did continue working out right up until the day I delivered! I ran/walked 6 miles days prior to delivery, and continued working hard on cardio machines. Exercising during pregnancy certainly paid off. It made my labor and delivery super smooth and fast, and allowed me to recover at record pace!

Here are some video workouts for you to try in the last month of pregnancy. Best wishes!

Pregnancy Leg and Arm Workout with Free Weights

Exercise Circuit in the Last Month of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Ab and Core Exercises for the Last Month of Pregnancy



3 thoughts on “Exercise During the Last Month of Pregnancy

  1. Kara says:

    Good for you. 🙂 Great advice.
    I also exercised until the day I delivered. Granted, I was bigger than a bread box, but I felt great & my doctor gave me the OK. In fact, she encouraged me to continue … saying it would benefit me during labor. 🙂 And, it will benefit you AFTER!
    Time has flown for you!!!! Can’t wait to meet Baby Girl Tress!

  2. myamericanhouse says:

    Amanda you’re inspirational!! If pregnancy doesn’t stop you, then there’s no excuse for the rest of us! Way to go girl 🙂
    -xoxo Geneva

  3. Amanda Tress says:

    Thanks girls! Kara, that’s awesome that you were able to exercise until the day you delivered!!i just got back from another lunchtime walk, and I can certainly feel more pressure on my pelvis- so I think she might be dropping. I’ll find out Tuesday at my appt!!!

    Geneva – I’m sure you will be fit and healthy when you’re pregnant too! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

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