What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman

Throughout this pregnancy, I have gotten some pretty ridiculous comments from guys. Most of the comments were during my workouts, and most of the guys were single (not surprisingly) and totally clueless. Here is a handful of the comments. And trust me, these are verbatim …

  • “So…are you not running as much anymore?” – Clueless guy referring to my tiny bump protruding at around 18 weeks.
  • “So, I see you in the gym a lot training clients, but do you not have time for your own workouts?” – Obviously this guy thinks I look like I’m gaining weight, but tries to be nice about it.
  • “Is that pudge?” – This time I was over 20 weeks pregnant, and a guy seemed to notice my bump for the first time.
  • “Do you not do ab exercises much?” – Yeah, I really got that question at about 19 weeks.
  • “You should work your abs more.” – This time, a guy realized I was pregnant and was just being an idiot.
  • “Are you pregnant?” Me – Yes! “OK, good, because I didn’t just want to assume you were getting fat.” – This guy is not the king of tact, and it’s obvious why he’s still single!
  • “WOW, you got HUGE!” – How am I supposed to respond to that? Thanks?
  • “Are you pregnant or are you just carrying a watermelon under your shirt to eat later?” – Random cop shouts this to me as I’m running past him. I asked if he was carrying an elephant under his shirt to eat later.

Those are just a few of the many comments I got in the gym. Here are a few that my husband has said lately that I recommend against.

  • “Wow, you’re getting chunky!” – At around 15 weeks he put that comment on my FB profile picture.
  • “This pregnancy feels like it’s going so fast!” – Glad one of us thinks that!
  • “This pregnancy has been so easy. We’ve had no complaints.” – He said that earlier this week…I’m 32 weeks now and more than willing to start complaining if he really thinks it’s that easy!

So, did you receive any obnoxious comments during your pregnancy? Or do you workout at a gym with smarter guys? 🙂

11 thoughts on “What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman

  1. Kara says:

    Someone asked my MIL, is Kara pregnant? She said, “yes.” The response? OK. She looked like she was gaining weight & I knew that wasn’t like her. 😦 Hmmm…..
    And, like you, gotta love the “you are huge” comments.

    Dear World,
    Pregnant women are SENSITIVE.
    Hormonal Woman Carrying Child

  2. Erin says:

    Very late in my ninth month my belly button popped. One of my husband’s friends noticed and said, “Looks like the turkey’s done.” He wasn’t invited over anymore… at least not during pregnancies!

    • Amanda Tress says:

      Aw, that’s pretty ridiculous! Wow, I’m impressed that it took until the 9th month for your belly button to pop though! Lol – mine popped around 7 months! I wear tape over it just to make sure I don’t get any comments about it. haha.

  3. pregoandproud says:

    At my babyshower (which was a jack and jill) one of my friends had the nerve to wear short booty cut shorts….nice thanks for making me feel like a blimp, knowing that my husband hasn’t touched my body in months! To top it off she proceeded to drink to a stooper and we all know how wonderful it is to be around drunk people when we’re 9 months along.
    Everyone has said the oh-so-original “looks like you’re gonna pop any day now!” yeah and let me see your med degree…i am gonna pop….my fist in your mouth that is.
    At 9 months I just don’t care about your problems so please stop calling me for help with your silly little everyday life drama…we all have friends that lean on us, but during this time…really??? do you think I need to hear about your stress?
    My sister actually called me 6 times from 2am to 4am….when I asked wtf she was thinking her response was “I wanted to stress you out to help put you into labor” WHAT!?!
    And my absolute favorite comment to hate…”get the pain meds, it hurts sooooo much!” then they proceed to talk about their nightmare experience in delivery. Wow thank you so much for that information, this is just the encouragement I need…btw I’ve opted for natural birthing plan.
    Some t-shirts that I love
    I’m not fat, I’m pregnant….what’s your excuse?
    Nope this wasn’t planned…did you plan that hairstyle today, because it looks about how I feel!
    If you think I look uncomforatable talk to your thighs….their screaming through those jeans I think I have some extra maternity pants for you

  4. Brittani says:

    We waited until 7 weeks to tell our church because we wanted to do an ultrasound first to make sure the baby was healthy. Unfortunately, some women were too excited as one looked at me and said, “Ooo and your showing too!” I looked at her and told her as politely as I could that I didn’t think so as i was only 7 weeks. To which she replied, ” Oh well its probably bloating and water weight.” Thanks.

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