Fit Parenting? Stay tuned!

Stay tuned for some Fit Parenting blogs written by guest bloggers. I have several great blogs to post in the next day or two – written by hot mommas themselves. At this point, I have little to no experience being a fit parent (unless you want to count parenting Quincy, my puppy, who was my first “starter-kid” )

I will be posting some wisdom from these hot moms tomorrow!

PS- Thanks to all who have been reading the blog and facebook messaging me. The blog had 208 hits today which is encouraging since the site has only been up since Saturday! Feel free to comment or message me to let me know if there is any specific topic that you would like to read about regarding fit pregnancy, parenting, or general health and wellness.

PPS- Here is my most recent fit pregnancy pic at nearly 30 weeks (the mom’s always appreciate seeing these)

Here is my most recent baby bump pic. I am almost 30 weeks!

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